A Festive Gift - One Year Subscription to GPSmyCity

Worldwide GPSMyCity Guided Articles
A Festive Gift - One Year Subscription to GPSmyCity

As the festive season approaches I have a very special present for world-wide travellers – a free premium membership of the GPSmyCity app valid for one year.

For twelve months you can enjoy discovering over 1500 guided travel articles on the GPSmyCity website and the GPSmyCity app and downloading an unlimited number of GPS Guided Travel Articles. These guided travel articles not only provide self-guided tours of destinations you are visiting but are also a useful resource when deciding where to go next. The world is your oyster whether it is eating this shellfish in Japan or going whale watching in the Azores.

Island of Pico from Horta harbour on Fiale Island in the Azores  2613


GPSmyCity.com is a website supported by an app. The website and the app are free to navigate and they both offer downloads of over 1500 Guided Travel Articles. There are two versions of these guided travel articles, just the article (free) or the article with GPS co-ordinates embedded – the GPS Guided Travel Article. These articles are a great aid to making the most of a holiday especially short city breaks. Download a Guided Travel Article from the app on to your mobile phone and you will have your own local guide to show you around – in your pocket. These Guided Travel Articles are available free from GPSMyCity and the GPSmyCity app. But there is also the option of paying a small fee to download a GPS Guided Travel Article version or buying an annual subscription (currently $18.99 per annum) and downloading an unlimited number of GPS Guided Travel Articles.


The GPS Guided Travel Article

A GPS Guided Travel Article is a Guided Travel Article with the GPS co-ordinates embedded in it. A Guided Travel Article has been written by a travel writer or blogger who has visited the destination in question and then related their experiences. They include sights they have seen, activities they have enjoyed and places they have eaten. Even more useful for the first-time visitor will be hints on avoiding possible problems. For example, you can avoid long queues at popular sights by buying tickets online or from off-site ticket offices. A GPS guided Travel Article will also show you exactly where you are on the map and guide you from place to place. It sounds easy and it is. These GPS Guided Travel Articles are not limited to city walks but there are also guides to large attractions like the stately homes of the United Kingdom, a good example being Blenheim Palace

The Grand Bridge at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock near Oxford

How to Unwrap my Present

To claim one of ten presents on offer (one-year premium membership), download the GPSmyCity app on your iPhone, iPad or android. Go to the Account screen to register a GPSmyCity user account, and then go to the “More” screen and select “Feedback.” Compose an email that includes the claim code and send it to GPSmyCity. On receipt of this email one year’s free premium membership will be enabled on the user’s account. Your claim code is 25721211 Any you can start downloading city walks from places as diverse as Southampton in the UK to Seoul in South Korea.

Changing of the guards ceremony at Deoksu Palace in Seoul, South Korea  2781.jpg  2774

My New Guided Travel Articles

I love exploring new towns and cities and since GPSmyCity started featuring my articles I have relished the challenge of planning walks that take in the attractions in that city. Since the start of our collaboration nearly 200 of my walks have been featured on GPSmyCity.com from cities as diverse as Winchester in the UK to Wimereux in France.

Alfred the Great in Winchester, Hampshire

In the last few months I have spent time some time in Kyslandet, the coastal region of Denmark and explored the Vidzeme region of Latvia. Both countries are refreshingly different. Denmark has a beautiful coastline and while I was there I explored three cities with completely different characteristics – Braedstrup has lots of open green spaces and a giant troll, Juelsminde is a pretty coastal town and Horsens has culture oozing out of its historic buildings.

Det Gamle Posthus in Brædstrup, Kystlandet in Denmark

Central Latvia is a medieval marvel for those who love historic towns and I enjoyed exploring the castles of Gulbene and Cēsis, the manor park of Alūksne, and the Hanseatic heritage of Valmiera.

The White Castle in Gulbene, Vidzeme in Latvia

So, what are you waiting for? You can download all these walks free of charge if you claim one of the ten free annual premium subscriptions to GPSmyCity.com currently on offer.

Valery Collins is the Experienced Traveller
Valery Collins the Experienced Traveller
 An excellent raconteur, Valery has been writing about her experiences on the road since she started travelling 27 years ago. After publishing four books she turned to online travel writing.