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Welcome to the Experienced Traveller. Travel the world with us through our weekly feature. Read our hotel reviews. Try our recommendations. This online travel journal has developed from a personal website originally set up by Valery Collins to record her experiences travelling the world both as a tour leader and a solo traveller. After qualifying as a solicitor Valery took a year off to work on a freelance basis as a tour leader taking groups of solo travellers on holidays all over the world. Twenty-two years later she is still working as a tour leader and travelling solo when the opportunity arises.

Updates and News

Since she started travelling Valery has kept a diary and developed a love of writing combined with a growing interest in photography. For the past ten years she has employed these skills as a copy-writer, author and travel writer. Valery is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and contributes articles to other websites on a regular basis. Ultimately, her aim was to provide a resource through which her knowledge, experience and sheer joy in the delights of travel could be showcased. Enjoy.

Updates and News

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Updates and News

This summer Valery was behind the camera instead of being in front of it and spent a lovely day taking photographs of members of the British Guild of Travel Writers enjoying their summer party in London.  Her next photographic commission will be a wedding in October.

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