Maier Sports Summer Wear - A Review

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Maier Sports Summer Wear - A Review

The latest additions to the Maier Sports summer range are perfect for the changeable English weather. In the past I have not considered wearing a skirt for outdoor activities but was tempted to try the Maier Norit Skortin, an outdoor skirt. In the recent heatwave it was perfect. Styled to fit snugly around the waist yet allowing plenty of room to stride along the beach it works really well for trekking and cycling. Teamed with the Maeir Sports long-sleeved stretch shirt it is also smart enough to pop into a restaurant for a meal along the way.
Strolling on the Beach   Clothes by Maier Sports

I am never without a lightweight waterproof jacket – just in case. The Maier Altid W has quickly become one of my favourites. When folded up it fits inside my small cycling rucksack ready to protect me from the heaviest shower of rain. It is so comfortable to wear it is great for cool summer evening strolling as well. The third item in my new summer trio is a pair of the Ophit Outdoor Tights. I love to cycle very early in the morning when the roads are empty. But there is a chill in the air. These tights keep my legs warm. They allow full freedom of movement whether cycling or jogging. A little zipped pocket keeps my house keys safe. They also work well with the jacket when jogging along a windswept beach. And they are smart enough to wear in the evening with a dress or tunic. No, I did not want to take them off, they are so cosy.
Jogging Through the Dunes in Maier Tights and Jacket

Once again I am impressed with the perfect fit of my Maier summer wear brilliantly designed to allow full freedom of movement as well as keeping me dry during inclement weather.

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