Review: Maier Sports – Summer Outdoor Clothing

Review: Maier Sports –  Summer Outdoor Clothing

I am in love – with the Maier Sports Tind functional jacket. I got caught in a hailstorm and walked for twenty minutes, against the wind, being peppered by particles of ice mixed with large raindrops. I then had to cycle for ten minutes before getting inside. When I took the jacket off I was amazed to find that all my clothes under the jacket were bone dry. Not only had it kept me dry it has also proved to be windproof. I was so impressed. Every keen walker like myself needs a lightweight, waterproof jacket to carry in their day pack. This jacket definitely fits the bill in every sense.

I did not go out to test the jacket in extreme conditions. The sun was shining when I set off on my bike. But that is English weather for you. At the time I was also wearing a pair of Maeir Sports Lulaka walking trousers. As they come in three lengths and I have short legs the short version proved to be a perfect fit. Lightweight and snug they have much to recommend them. As I like a combination of cycling and walking the drawstring around the ankles is very useful when on the bike. Then, when walking on the beach should I want to paddle there are buttons and tabs on each side of the trouser leg so I can roll them up and secure them. The also proved to be waterproof as I struggled through a driving wind. So waterproof the rain ran down into my lightweight trainers – but you can’t have everything!
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Under the jacket I was wearing the Maeir Sports long-sleeved stretch shirt. Another perfect fit and very comfortable. The fabric is light and with a zipped pocket and air ventilation system combined with the jacket which also has air vents these three items are the perfect combination for walking and cycling – whatever the weather.