Dual Vision Ski Goggles by Panda Optics

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Dual Vision Ski Goggles by Panda Optics

Dual Vision ski goggles by Panda Optics deliver exactly what it says on the box.

And two of the things it promised for the Dual Vision – in my case, one pink and one yellow, was better all-around vision and clearer vision in lowlight conditions. I have always been reluctant to ski in low light especially when it is snowing. But, as a ski instructor once said to me, it is the best time to ski as the slopes are empty and a fresh layer of snow is delightful to ski through. My issue has always been my goggles, misting up due to the sponge around the frame getting wet. Regular retreats to a washroom to dry my goggles under the hand drier were a necessity. Would the Dual Vision ski goggles be any different? I set off to try them.

Ready to Try my Dual Vision Ski Goggles from Panda Optics

The sun shone for the first two days I used my Dual Vision ski goggles in Madonna di Campiglio, my favourite Italian ski resort. I could appreciate the better all-around vision due to the larger lens and thinner frame. I also discovered these googles fit really well and, as they cover most of my face, protected most of my face from a chilly wind. Towards the end of my second day the clouds rolled in and the light faded but my vision, through the goggles was still good.

Loving my Dual Vision Ski Goggles from Panda Optics

Day three presented the real test. It snowed most of that day. As usual, I was on the slopes early and delighted to find I could see very well and was not inhibited by any misting up. This was such a confidence booster it meant I could concentrate on simply enjoying my skiing. I had no problem changing the lenses as they just click in and out so easily it is done in a matter of seconds.

Clarity in Low Light with Dual Vision Ski Goggles by Panda Optics

These gorgeous goggles are supplied in a custom moulded box for safe storage with a microfibre bag and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Dual Vision Ski Goggles   the Full Package

I felt so secure with such good vision through these goggles I found myself beaming as I whizzed down the slopes. But I will leave the final word to Olympian skier, Chemmy Alcott who echoes my own thoughts: “the new Dual Vision goggles from Panda … are my favourite pair of goggles ever. From the vision, the feel, the look and their fit in multiple different helmets. LOVE them.”

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Reviewed by Valery Collins, the Experienced Traveller
Valery Collins the Experienced Traveller
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