Juelsminde: A Popular Coastal Town in Denmark

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Juelsminde: A Popular Coastal Town in Denmark

Juelsminde, once a small fishing village, is now one of the most popular coastal towns in Denmark.

The population of Juelsminde started to grow when the railway line was brought here from Horsens in 1884.. A few years after that the harbor was added and became the focal point for the development of the town. By the time the trains stopped running in … Juelsminde was connected to Horsens by road and regular buses run between the two towns. As the town is situated at the mouth of the Vejle Fjord it does have an extensive coastline fringed with sandy beaches renowned for safe swimming. The most well-known of these beaches is Storstranden or the Great Beach. From this beach, across the water, an historic manor, Palsgaard Slot is visible in the woods that surround it. There has been a manor here since the thirteenth century. The manor is still privately owned but the grounds are open to the public. Some of its previous owners have been benefactors to the town of Juelsminde. In particular, E. V. Schou Palsgaard donated the church and the priest’s residence.

Storstranden the Great Beach of Juelsminde in Kystlandet, Denmark

The Church of Juelsminde in Kystlandet, Denmark

This church was consecrated in 1913, and was built through the initiative of local residents who felt it was time they had their own church. It is a cruciform church in neo-Gothic style. The church is surrounded by a small cemetery where each grave as its own little plot all marked out by box hedges.

Juelsminde  Church in Kystlandet, Denmark

Inside the church is an original model of the Frigate Jylland. It is a Danish tradition to hang models of ships in churches and they have three purposes – historical, religious and practical. Denmark is a seafaring nation and these models represent its maritime heritage. Sometimes serve as memorials, dedicated to sailors and fishermen. Symbolically, they portray the notion that the church is a safe harbor for the souls of the congregation. Hhistorically, they were used to teach parishioners about shipbuilding and navigation. This particular model was placed in the church as the Frigate Jylland has connections with Juelsminde. It was once owned by landowner Schou of Palsgaard. Close to this church is another example of the lord of the manor’s generosity, Svanedammen, the Swan Pond.

The Interior of Juelsminde Church in Kystlandet, Denmark

Svanedammen in Juelsminde, Kystlandet in Denmark

Svanedammen or the Swan Pond was created at the beginning of the twentieth century in the middle of Juelsminde as part of a housing development. This large pond was created by excavating a low, marshy area and then spreading the soil around the area. Once this was done swans could be put on the pond and a garden village created around it. When the pond freezes over it becomes a popular venue for skating. This land originally belonged to Palsgård Slot who had to power of approval regarding planning applications to maintain the quality of new developments. The area is now subject to a local plan in the interests of conservation.

Svanedammen in Juelsminde, Kystlandet in Denmark

This area also features a church, the Juelsminde Adventistkirke. The Adventist Church originated from the United States where it was established in the early 1800s. It is an evangelical free church and shares many views with other evangelical free churches in Denmark. Not far from Svanedammen is a truly remarkable playground, the Juelsminde Naturlegepark.

Juelsminde Adventistkirke in Kystlandet, Denmark

The Naturlegepark of Juelsminde in Kystlandet, Denmark

In a fabulous setting, surrounded by the Tofteskoven Forest, the Juelsminde Naturlegepark is one of the largest play parks in Denmark. It features a play ship and tall play towers as well as a forest fitness trail and a Tarzan-track. When most play parks are plunged into darkness this one is floodlit so the fun can continue until the early hours of the morning – for all ages, including adults who can’t resist the temptation to slide down a mountain. For those adults who prefer a quieter life, Juelsminde does not disappoint. A gentle stroll down the main street, browsing the attractive independent shops en route brings visitors to the heart of the town, the harbour and the marina. Naturlegepark of Juelsminde in Kystlandet, Denmark

The Harbour and Marina of Kystlandet in Denmark

From early morning until late at night the harbour and marina are busy with people indulging in water sports – from crab catching to yachting – of simply wandering along the harbour and marina admiring the boats or maybe stopping for a bite to eat. The Nior Bistro is a favourite offering good views and excellent food including a Kystlandet favourite the Shooting Star. Dominating the Stormolen, the main pier Harbourside is the huge anchor from the famous Frigate Jylland, a landmark of Juelsminde.

The Marina in Juelsminde, Kystlandet in Denmark

The Frigate Jylland or Jutland was built at Holmen in Copenhagen in 1860. It took part in the battle of Helholand in 1864. It was retired in 1886 and sold for scrap in 1908. But, it was saved and sold to Ejnar Schou owner of Palsgaard Slot in 1912. It was anchored in Sandbjerg Cove from 1912 to 1925 where it became a big tourist attraction. During its stay it was used as a radiotelegraph station, had daily contact with the sender in the Eiffel Tower in Paris and fired a cannon salute at noon every day. It lost an anchor when it was washed out to sea during the thaw one winter. This anchor with was later found by a fisherman and brought to shore at Stormolen where it is now. The frigate was sold when Schou died and was moored at Copenhagen until 1960 when it ended up at Ebeltoft (where it is now) and was finally restored in 1989.

Anchor from the Frigate Jylland in Juelsminde, Kystlandet in Denmark

Visitors can learn about the anchor and more maritime stories featuring Juelsminde in the Juelsminde Havnemuseum, the harbour museum, that occupies the old harbour smithy. It also tells the story of how Juelsminde developed form a small fishing village to a ferry town and finally one of the most popular and atmospheric marinas in the country. Heading back into the town centre for those who like pottery and ceramics Pottemageren, a potter’s workshop, is well worth a visit.

Havnemuseum in Juelsminde, Kystlandet in Denmark

Pottemageren in Juelsminde, Kystlandet in Denmark

Pottemageren is both a shop and a workshop selling handmade crafts made on the premises. The works of ceramicist and visual artist Marie Würtz and guest potters are on display here and for sale here. And, if you cannot find what you want Pottemageren do custom work as well. Take some time out to enjoy a coffee in the garden here. A lovely way to end a day in Juelsminde and maybe find a special souvenir of your visit.

Pottemageren in Juelsminde , Kystlandet in Denmark

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