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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we choose to spend our free time. is a great source of inspiration and information from long-haul destinations to local days out.

Three of my guided travel articles are now available on GPSMyCity. Two of them describe days out in the pretty English county of Hertfordshire, the village of Shenley and the town of Watford. The third uncovers the aviation history of Riga, the fascinating capital of Latvia. Each one features interesting attractions that do not attract crowds and are ideal for those who are seeking quiet places to visit as we emerge from the restrictions imposed by long lockdowns.

During lockdown I took the opportunity to explore my local area when taking my daily exercise. And this was when I discovered the pretty village of Shenley in Hertfordshire. It is one of those places my local bus goes through and I look out of the window and think “that looks interesting” one day I will get off and have a walk around. Well, that day came during lockdown and I discovered extensive parkland enclosing an ancient orchard, a walled garden, an historic cricket ground and a lovely tearoom. Set in typically English agricultural countryside everyone from individual visitors to family groups will enjoy spending time in this ‘green and pleasant land’ away from the bustle of nearby cities including the capital, London, just 14 miles from here. And that is why I have chosen to write a guided travel article about Shenley. It is now available on the global website GPSMyCity – there are over a thousand other guided city walks available on this website.
Shenley Park in Shenley, Hertfordshire, UK

Many of you are now familiar with GPSMyCity and the value of subscribing for unlimited downloads so here is another one to add to the collection. For those who have yet to discover this valuable resource for travellers it will be an opportunity to try it. But first let me tell you how it works.

The GPS Guided Travel Article

GPS Guided Travel Articles have been written by travel writers and bloggers who have visited the city or site that is the subject of the article. They replicate a guide showing you around – in your pocket on your mobile phone. Not only do they have GPS co-ordinates embedded in them and a map of the suggested route but they include advice and tips to maximise your sightseeing experience.

How to Get Your Guided Travel Article

Visit the website GPSMyCity where you will find thousands of these articles from cities all over the world. For a small fee you can download the app of a city you want to visit. Once you have the app on the phone that is all you will need for a successful visit. The app will show you exactly where you are on the map and guide you from place to place. It could not be easier. The original travel articles are also available from this website free of charge. Once downloaded you can read it when you wish without having to be connected to the internet.

Shenley is a Great Day out from London 

It is hard to believe that Shenley was once the site of a huge hospital housing hundreds of patients with mental health issues. Prior to that it was a large private estate surrounding a manor house. Vestiges of both have now been incorporated in Shenley Park that surrounds the original village of Shenley. This village is a traditional English village surrounding a typical village pond. Not so typical is the lock-up where drunks and vagrants were impounded. The local pub is the ideal place for a leisurely lunch after a woodland walk from the park to the village. An alternative would be afternoon tea at the tea rooms following a leisurely stroll around the Walled Garden. Cheers from spectators at the adjacent historic cricket ground may be floating around the park. Today this ground, built by a former lord of the manor is a popular venue for international matches.
The Walled Garden in Shenly, Hertfordshire, UK

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The Riverside of Watford in Hertfordshire

During a lockdown shopping trip to Watford I ventured beyond the High Street and discovered a river side walk rich in history commemorated by some interesting memorials. This led me to a large park once part of a large, private Hertfordshire estate. There were many such estates in this county due to its proximity to London. Both the riverside and the park offer peaceful retreats from the busy High Street and shopping area. The local museum tells the history of this town whose riverbanks were once home to breweries and paper mills. Visitors may recognise some famous names above an array of printing paraphernalia. The museum also features an art gallery and an original bar from one of the many pubs that were popular in the town. Today Watford is most well-known for its football club commemorated by a huge stainless steel hornet on the High Street.
By the Riverside in Oxhey Park, Watford, Hertfordshire

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Discovering Spilve and the Aviation Heritage of Riga  

Latvia was one of the few places we were able to visit from the UK when lockdown restrictions were lifted during the first summer of the pandemic. The country was not badly affected by the first wave of COVID-19 and was the ideal place to emerge from my cocoon of face masks and social distancing. It has long been a surprise to me that Latvia is not more popular than it is but in the circumstances it was comforting to know I was not going to be fighting my way through crowds but would feel to enjoy the attractions of Riga, its capital. On this visit I learnt about the aviation history of the town and the old aerodrome at Spilve and the Latvia Soviet Aviation Museum. The former features micro-lights buzzing around an amazing Stalinist terminal building and the latter a large collection of Russian MiGs, a rare sight in the Western world.
Aviation Museum in Riga, Latvia

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These new guided travel articles are all based on the personal experience of Valery, an ExperiencedTraveller.