Websites to Check Border Restrictions during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Websites to Check Border Restrictions during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Borders are starting to open again. But there is no standard procedure. Discussions rage about the best way to deal with the easing of lockdown restrictions. Some favour quarantine and some prefer testing at the point of entry.

The continually changing scenario makes it very difficult for holidaymakers to plan their trip. But two resources have recently been created to ease the way through complicated regulations. The Re-Open EU website and the Timatic Database

In an attempt to encourage travel within Europr the European Union has established the Re-open EU website. This website contains up to date information relating to member countries regarding the restrictions at their borders.

The Timatic Database has been created by IATA (the International Air Transport Association). This online interactive map of the world records up to date Covid-19 entry regulations for each country. It is updated over 200 times a day to ensure the information is accurate. The website relates specifically to the current pandemic situation. It contains comprehensive information on documentation required for international travel.

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