Adventures with a Mifi

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Adventures with a Mifi

On my last few trips to Europe I have had many reasons to be grateful that I had a MiFi with me as it led to the resolution of a few problems I encountered along the way.

The MiFi ensures a secure and consistent connection to the internet wherever you happen to be. Hiring one from Cellhire is a simple process and you will soon find you can’t travel without one. York based Cellhire is mainly a business to business service – suitable for those who travel during work – but consumers who want to use one of the Cellhire MiFi and data SIM card bundles can discuss their requirements with Cellhire via one of the contact options given on their website.

Finding my Way in Northern France

On a recent trip to Pas de Calais in Northern France I arrived without a single map of the area or even a map of France. I had intended to do my research on the ferry using the promised free WiFi. But it was not working that day. I was not allowed to go back to my car to get my MiFi. I drove off the ferry having gleaned from the Information Desk on the ferry that I should turn right out of the terminal and head for Paris. Once on the road to Paris I looked for a convenient place to stop and finally turned into a Burger King car park. I was soon on my way again having plotted my route using my laptop connected to the internet through my MiFi. It was always with me for the rest of my stay in France.
Plotting a Route en Route  9031296
Plotting a Route en Route

Getting Connected in Latvia

I was very excited about visiting Latvia particularly as we were going to explore lesser known regions. Naturally my MiFi came too and enabled me to connect to the internet wherever I happened to be. As a freelance travel writer I have to be able to respond to offers of work very quickly as there is a lot of completion out there. There are also unexpected events to deal with and when I got news that my flight home from Italy (my next trip) had been cancelled by British Airways I was able to re-book another flight while on the move. I was also free to enjoy the natural countryside and coastline of Latvia without worrying about dealing with emails as this was easy to do whenever we had a break – even while walking in the countryside.
Walking with my MiFi   9031285
Walking with my MiFi

Latvia to the Italian Dolomites

I only had twenty-four hours in the UK between trips. My MiFi had allowed me to connect to the internet throughout my journey home so I was able to catch up on some work. It stayed in my hand luggage as I did not have time to unpack and re-pack. I am so glad it did as I was able to connect to the internet while spending the night at Gatwick South Terminal and wrote an article on-line while I was there. I was also able to connect throughout my five-hour journey on public transport from Verona to Madonna di Campiglio.
Connected in the Italian Dolomites 9031282
Connected in the Italian Dolomites

Secure with MiFi

The area where I stay in the Italian Dolomites is notorious for ‘leaks’ on the internet and I have had my credit card cloned three times. I was over-joyed to discover my MiFi also worked here and I could do some urgent banking knowing I was using a secure network. So many reasons to be grateful to my MiFi.
Working Securely with my MiFI 9031293
Working Securely with my MiFi