Vytautas Mineral Spa – My Favourite Hotel in the Spa Town of Birštonas in Lithuania

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Vytautas Mineral Spa – My Favourite Hotel in the Spa Town of Birštonas in Lithuania

From the outside the Vytautas Mineral Spa resembles a long-armed space ship that has carefully set itself down on earth beside a lake surrounded by luscious green parkland. It was hard to believe that I was within five minutes’ walk of the centre of Birštonas a pretty spa town in Lithuania,
Vytautas Mineral SPA in Birštonas in Lithuania   8348
When I entered the reception area I imagined I would find the captain of the ship at his controls above me. What I did find was a large, welcoming space with curving staircases leading up to the floors above. Under these stairs were two modern mineral water drinking fountains dispensing either ordinary mineral water or the special mineral water from its own underground source. Between the stairs a beautiful sculpture representing a humming bird was hanging in the void under the dome. It was an impressive beginning to my stay.
Humming bird sculpture in Vytautas Mineral SPA in Birštonas in Lithuania   8200
After being welcomed by the friendly staff on reception I was taken to my room. The hotel has different types of rooms and I was in a double room. It was an attractive modern bedroom and very comfortable. The hotel does offer a variety of rooms including singles, mini-luxury rooms and luxury rooms but I was happy with my double room – it had everything I needed.
A bedroom at Vytautas Mineral SPA in Birštonas in Lithuania   8262
I had arrived in time for a buffet lunch in the hotel restaurant and made my way there. This restaurant is delightfully informal. Its subtle decoration is complimented by small round tables ringed with sofas and comfortable chairs. There was an excellent choice of food on the buffet and it was easy to select a healthy meal accompanied by some tasty Lithuanian black bread. Over lunch I checked my treatments that had been booked for the afternoon.

Buffet restaurant at Vytautas Mineral SPA in Birštonas in Lithuania   8173
Vytautas Mineral Spa offers both a classic spa and a medical spa as well as a leisure program. I opted for two treatments in the classic spa, a magnesium and calcium cream wrap and a relaxing back massage. Snug in the bath robe from my room I made my way downstairs to the spa and was directed to the waiting area. It was not long before I was collected and take to a treatment room where I was presented with a pair of paper knickers and given time to remove my own before the treatment began. After being gently smothered in the cream I was wrapped in cling film (or something similar) and then covered with a blanket. My skin got very warm but not uncomfortably before it was time to waddle to the shower where I was unwrapped so I could wash the cream off. Between treatments I was taken to the relaxation lounge where I could lay back and enjoy some peace and a cup of the spa’s special herbal tea. My second treatment was a very relaxing back massage. My arms and legs were also included and when I queried this later I was told that each massage is tailored to the needs of the client. It was very enjoyable and followed by a second session in the relaxation lounge where I could have happily spent the rest of the evening but it was soon time to get ready for dinner.
Relaxation room at the Vytautas Mineral Spa in Birštonas in Lithuania   8269
That evening I dined in the a la carte section of the hotel’s restaurant. All the dishes on the menu sounded so good I appealed to our friendly waiter to help me choose. He advised me very well and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I started with yellow beet salad with gorgonzola cheese and toasted hemp seeds. For my main course I had duck breast with caramel onion cream, stewed blue cabbage, beetroot and caramel malt sauce with truffle oil. Then, total indulgence for dessert – flaky-pastry apple cake with dark beer and apple cream, and salty caramel ice-cream
Flaky pastry apple cake with dark beer and apple cream, and salty caramel ice cream at the Vytautas Mineral Spa in Birštonas in Lithuania   6882
After dinner I re-visited the Reading Room where I had found my alien earlier. This amazing room occupies the space below the second dome in the building. The central feature is a carpeted hill on which guests are encouraged to sit to read. For those who prefer more conventional seating there are chairs and tables around the perimeter of the room. On the top of this hill is little white being that doubles as a lamp. The ceiling is decorated with a moonscape which contrasted well with the darkness outside. I was on my own so I could have some fun – seeing how quickly I could run up the hill. It had been a great day and I felt relaxed and happy.
Reading Room at the Vytautas Mineral Spa in Birštonas in Lithuania   8328
Maybe tomorrow I would be more energetic and take advantage of the pool complex that includes a mineral water swimming pool with underwater massage sprinklers and a cobra water cascade, a twenty-metre long sports swimming pool and a whirlpool tub. Or maybe I would stroll into Birštonas …
Pool complex at the Vytautas Mineral Spa in Birštonas in Lithuania   8371

Getting There

I flew direct to Kaunas from Luton Airport with Ryanair. I returned from “Vilnius”:“http://www.vilnius-airport.lt/en/ direct to Luton with” Whizz Air”:https://wizzair.com/#/.

Staying There

I stayed at three very good and very different spa hotels. The Royal SPA Residence which concentrates on Kneipp treatments; Eglės Sanatorija which offers cutting edge cryotherapy; Vytautas Mineral Spa which was a glorious mixture of excellent treatments and a great atmosphere.