Stress Free City Visits with Guided Travel Articles and Free Annual Subscriptions on Offer

GPSMyCity Guided Articles
Stress Free City Visits with Guided Travel Articles and Free Annual Subscriptions on Offer

In our busy lives holidays are very important and we want to make the most of those precious days away from work. Often there is no time for the luxury of planning where you will go and what you will do each day. Download a GPS Guided Travel Article onto your mobile phone and you will have your own local guide to show you around – in your pocket. These Guided Travel Articles are available from GPSMyCity. Buy an annual subscription to this website and you can download as many as you want for the next twelve months. I have some free annual subscriptions to give away allowing access to the walking tours and travel articles featuring over one thousand cities. Find out how to apply at the end of this article.
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The GPS Guided Travel Article

A GPS Guided Travel Article is an article written by a travel writer or blogger who has visited the city in question and then related their experiences. This will include sights they have seen, activities they have enjoyed and places they have eaten. Even more useful for the first-time visitor will be hints on avoiding possible problems. For example, you can avoid long queues at popular sights by buying tickets online or from off-site ticket offices. These articles have GPS co-ordinates embedded in them and a map of the route the writer has described in the original article. It sounds easy and it is. For this reason, I am happy not just to write travel guided articles – I have had more than one hundred published – but also to promote the concept

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How to Get Your Guided Travel Article

Visit the website GPSMyCity where you will over a thousand of these articles from cities all over the world. For a small fee you can download the app of a city you want to visit. Once you have the app on the phone that is all you will need for a successful visit. The app will show you exactly where you are on the map and guide you from place to place. It could not be easier. Even better you can now buy annual subscriptions to the website. For $12.99 users will have full access to all travel articles featuring over 900 cities worldwide or for $18.99/year users will have access to the full range of walking tours and travel articles covering over 1,000 cities. The same price as one good guide book but much more versatile.

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Free Annual Subscription Offer

My guided travel articles span the world from England to Ecuador. I have had some wonderful experiences and I enjoy sharing them with my readers. To find places to write about has led me to explore my own country, England. I have found some very interesting places to visit. During a day spent in Woodbridge I visited the old Tide Mill early in the morning to watch the mill in action. Amazing to think that this mill has been grinding flour for hundreds of years harnessing the power of flowing water.
The Tide Mill at Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK
I have been lucky enough to visit Florence on many occasions and the last time I was there I set myself a challenge. To find five things in Florence I had never done before. The first was to visit the Uffizzi Gallery something I had never done before as it had always involved joining a long queue. This time, in November, there was no queue. I found another four attractions thanks fo the recent opening of a really interesting new museum featuring the construction of the dome on Florence Cathedral and some suggestions from our very helpful local guide.
View of the Vasari Corridor over Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizzi Gallery in Florence
The Galapagos Islands had been on my bucket list for a long time and when I finally went there my tour included some cities of Ecuador. We had a very interesting local guide who showed us around and also enough free time to explore on our own. Every city had its own individual character but I think Cuenca was my favourite.
lower market in Cuenca Ecuador
So, enough of my travels. I would like to enhance your travels for the coming year by offering you the chance to win a year’s free subscription to GPSMyCity. Just tell me, in the comments section below, which city is at the top of your bucket list and why. Winners will be notified at the end of March 2018.
Good luck.