Introducing GPS-Guided Travel Articles

GPSMyCity Guided Articles
Introducing GPS-Guided Travel Articles

I love to tell people about places I have visited and that is why I am a travel blogger. I have been travelling for twenty years and I have lots of stories to tell, recommendations to make and tips to pass on. Now there is a way I can take you to some of these places and show you round. Download a GPS Guided Travel Articles and you can follow in my footsteps.
There may be times when you have only have two hours to experience a place. Don’t waste time working out where to go. I have done all that for you to give you a flavour of the place you are in. Download the relevant GPS Guided Travel Article and you will have everything you need on your phone.
What is a GPS Guided Travel Article? It is a travel article that has GPS coordinates embedded in the article and a map of the route the author described in his/her article. You can find thousands of these articles (from over 600 worldwide cities) at GPSmyCity. Once this app is downloaded to your phone, you will not need any internet to use the article as a guide. It will show you exactly where you are on the map and guide you to each subsequent location.
GPSMyCity App
You can upload any travel article from GPSmyCity free of charge. Then you can read it at your pleasure without a Wi-Fi connection wherever you happen to be. If you want to upgrade your travel article to a GPS-guided article, all you do is pay a small fee to upgrade (about $1.00). It’s easy and its cheap.
As an introduction to this great new concept I am offering free upgrades of three of my most popular travel articles in the GPSmyCity directory, beginning today (July 18, 2016) and ending next week (Sunday, July 25, 2016).
You can access GPS-guided travel articles two different ways:
1 click on a link below for the article you are interested in (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSmyCity app, you will see a prompt to do so). After downloading the app, you will be directed to the article, where you can choose UPGRADE to get the GPS-guided version.
2 From the GPSmyCity app, you can browse by city to see which articles are available.
You can download any article for free or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use.

These are some of my blog posts that have been published as guided travel
A Stroll through the town of Poole in Dorset
Sea Music sculpture on Poole Quay
Brilliant Bagan in Burma (Myanmar)
Temple in Bagan, Myanmar
Port Louis and Pamplemousses on Mauritius
Caudal Waterfront in Port Louis, Mauritius
Quintessential Quito
Plaza San Francisco Quito Ecuador
Five New Experiences in Florence
Skyline of Florence in Tuscany, italy
Some Highlights of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam
The Old Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam