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Pas de Calais

  • A Whimsical Wander through Wimereux

    A Whimsical Wander through Wimereux

    Weekly markets in Wimereux are vibrant with the colours of fresh vegetables stacked high on the stalls that also grown under the weight of local cheeses, plants and many other products. Items of clothing sway gently on their hangers disturbed by the breeze from the River Wimereux that runs parallel to the road where the market is held …

  • A Memorable Day in Boulogne sur Mer

    A Memorable Day in Boulogne sur Mer

    Boulogne sur Mer, known as the capital of the Opal Coast, is an extraordinary French town in the department of Pas de Calais. It is unusual because the clear divide between its fishing port, the most important in France, and its historic old town offers the visitor two completely different experiences in the same day. Then there is a third aspect, the huge National Sea Centre named Nausicaà …

  • La Matelote Hotel - Magnifique

    La Matelote Hotel - Magnifique

    La Matelote on the sea front of Boulogne sur Mer in Pas de Calais, Northern France is a family-run hotel and restaurant combined. It offers excellent food in its Michelin Star restaurant and a warm welcome in its cosy hotel. The unusual furnishings feature some beautiful modern interpretations of La Matelote, the fisherman’s wife who, traditionally, wore a distinctive head dress. This acknowledgement of a local tradition is a source of pride to the hotel owners, father and son, Tony and Stellio Lestienne.

  • Food, Glorious Food in the Pas de Calais

    Food, Glorious Food in the Pas de Calais

    The Pas de Calais is a department in northern France named after the French region that borders the Strait of Dover. The Strait of Dover connects the English Channel with the North Sea. The coastline of this region, known as the Opal Coast, is closest to England and easily accessible by land, air and sea. It features two capes, and several seaside towns including Calais, Boulogne sur Mer and Wimereux. I started my visit here with a bracing walk around the Cap Blanc-Nez ...

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