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  • A Taste of the Real Kenya

    A Taste of the Real Kenya

    My request to stop and take a photograph of a woman working in the fields is granted. When I ask for permission to take a photograph my subject queries (through my driver) why I find this daily task worthy of my attention. She is no doubt unaware that tilling the land by hand is a practice that was abandoned many years ago in my country. Despite her misgivings permission is granted but as we move on she is still muttering in wonder to herself ...

  • Conservation Under an African Sky

    Conservation Under an African Sky

    Unaccustomed as I am to camping and night time strolls to an ablutions block top of my list of essentials was night-wear that exposed only my head, hand and feet. I achieved this by pairing some leggings with a round necked, long sleeved cotton top. This reducing the risk of feeding the local mosquitoes but no defence to a charge from the hippo that lived in the river a few yards away from my tent. In reality, the small bed in my tent proved to be surprisingly comfortable ...

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