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  • Folgaria - a Fun Place to Ski in Italy

    Folgaria - a Fun Place to Ski in Italy

    Folgaria is simply that – a fun place to ski. This attractive Italian resort has five separate ski areas and one of them, Costa, is accessed by the tourist train that runs regularly throughout the day. The only place I know where a little road train transports tourists and skiers. The latter are free with the ski pass.

  • Preparing for your Ski Trip

    Preparing for your Ski Trip

    Some exercises you can practise to be physically and MENTALLY prepared for your ski trip...

  • Skiing Solo

    Skiing Solo

    My first ski trip was a blast. It was a university trip based in Westendorf, Austria and we were all beginners. We denuded the local trees of snow as we bounced from one to the other and slid backwards more often than we glided forwards.

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