11th April 2020

Updates and News

Updates and News

Resources to Entertain at Home During Self-Isolation and Lock Down

New National Trust - activities for children but adults can join in!
Travel-related activities for children from Skyscanner

Exercises and Workouts

Improve your balance with ballet for the over-55s

How to stay fit and active at home during the coronavirus self-isolation

Coronavirus: Self-isolation and exercise at home for over 50s, 60s, 70s and older  

How to exercise at home in isolation 

Best ways to exercise at home 

Isometrics – u-tube video 

Callisthenics – u-tube video 

Are home training workouts effective 

Make your body work, how to exercise at home 

Beginner body weight workout 

15 minute beginner workout on U-tube

Simple exercise routine 

Mental Health

Mental health how to manage quarantine 

Staying Informed

Podcasts for news, views and advice 


Edinburgh Zoo webcams 

Ideas for family entertainment 

Entertaining children at home

Learning at Home

Educating Children at Home 

Sign up for a language course

Yoga, Pilates  and Tai-chi 

Art Appreciation 

Learn to Paint for Beginners – u-tube 

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