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  • Five Top Places for a Day Out in England

    Five Top Places for a Day Out in England

    Beyond the formal gardens the River Path winds its way down to the banks of the privately owned Beaulieu River. This area is a very natural contrast to the formality of the gardens around the house. Other attractions include a bog garden and a huge rock garden. The latter, spread over an area of two acres is probably the largest of its kind in Europe. A miniature train trundles around the grounds at regular intervals ...

  • Winchester College - a Medieval Marvel

    Winchester College - a Medieval Marvel

    The buildings surrounding this courtyard were constructed between 1392 to 1394. They were built around a courtyard for defensive purposes as the college was established a year after a big rebellion in the town. Designed to be self-sufficient the buildings in the outer court included accommodation for servants, a granary, a bakery and a brewery. As the water was not safe to drink in those days everyone drank ale. Only one female servant was allowed and that was the washerwoman who had to be old and ugly ...

  • Staycations in the Colourful Countryside of Britain

    Staycations in the Colourful Countryside of Britain

    Deep in shady trees of ancient Sherwood Forest is the amazing Sherwood Hideaway. A variety of tracks penetrate the surrounding woodland which can also be viewed from the cosy depths of individual hot tubs on the veranda of each wooden lodge. The lodges are spread around a large grassy clearing inside the forest and each has its own parking space. I felt very close to nature wallowing in my hot tub listening to the birds tweeting in the trees around me and hoping I might hear the frantic drilling of the resident woodpecker ...

  • Staycations by the Seaside in Britain

    Staycations by the Seaside in Britain

    King George III began visiting Weymouth in 1789 having declared on this first visit he had “never enjoyed a sight so pleasing.”  During his reign fresh air and bathing in the sea became recognised as being beneficial for good health and a cure for tuberculosis. A replica of his bathing hut is displayed at the far end of the wide Esplanade …

  • Staycations in the UK: City Breaks

    Staycations in the UK: City Breaks

    What a thrill it was to get up early one morning, walk and walk through the still sleeping town of Woodbridge to its Tide Mill on the River Deben. That day the mill was grinding flour, an operation that is reliant on the tide filling the mill pond. When the sluice gates are opened the water rushes out creating enough energy to grind flour between its huge mill stones. This working mill is a living museum telling the story of the mill that has been working for over eight hundred years.

  • Time to Revive our Planet

    Time to Revive our Planet

    We were privileged to have two speakers who are passionate about the need to protect our biosphere and counter the effects of global warming. Both have devoted their time and talents to creating public awareness of these issues. Ashley Cooper on Global Warming … Kate Rawles and the carbon bicycle …

  • Some Highlights of Windermere-Bowness in the Lake District

    Some Highlights of Windermere-Bowness in the Lake District

    I re-traced my steps to the bottom. But, inevitably I did not come out where I started but I did find a wooden sculpture of a Gruffalo – not that he was much help. However, I did meet up with a local farmer and his excitable border collie, Ben. We had a chat and then he gave me directions to Holehird. This involved climbing walls via stepped stiles and crossing some stunning scenery ...

  • Cedar Manor Hotel in Windermere

    Cedar Manor Hotel in Windermere

    I was warmly greeted by its owner, Jonathon, and immediately offered a cup of tea. He made the tea himself and brought it to the lounge. I had noticed a beautiful stained glass church-style window behind the bar at the far end of the lounge. I was not surprised to discover that the house and been built in 1854. It was designed by J S Crowther who had also designed the church of St Mary next door and Holehird, a mansion on the outskirts of Windermere. Crowther is most well-known for his restoration and repair of Manchester Cathedral.

  • The Road to Bournemouth Pier

    The Road to Bournemouth Pier

    By the time I got to the top the wind had increased in strength and I had to wait for it to drop. Once the all-clear was given the gate in front of me was opened so I walked to the edge of the platform and stepped into thin air. Any apprehension I had felt was immediately replaced by elation as I whizzed down the wire. It really was thrilling ...

  • The Bournemouth X Factor

    The Bournemouth X Factor

    some characteristics of Bournemouth make it a very special place to visit. As I was walking towards the crowded sea front that I could see in front of me I noticed a garden below me and decided to visit that first. At the bottom of a flight of stone steps I had a lovely view of the Town Hall bathed in autumn sunshine behind an avenue of majestic trees ...

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